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Maria Joannou


Maria Joannou lives and works in Athens, Greece. Her paintings, defined by distinct clarity and clearness, address directly to the viewer, who cannot but recognize the multiple relationships that emerge from them but also shape them. These relationships, between the artist and the subject matters, between the subject matters themselves and between the subject matters and the viewer become central in creating a profound sense of alliance. Maria Joannou’s works allow us to almost invade a very private space, while stripping us off any sense of hesitation or guilt for doing so and therefore create an open room, where different stories of passion, love, pain and longing develop, only to take us in. 


Her solo show ‘Wet’ took place at the Melina Mercuri Cultural Hall in Hydra (June 12 - July 24 2022).  Works by Maria Joannou were included in the ‘High Humanity’ exhibition, curated by Jack Siebert (Paris, October 2022)